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(isn't it finished? Nu? Get a move on we want to see more alephs. - message from A & J in Edinburgh)

Chai Cancer Care New Year Card

We hope to publish a print of the Hebrew Zodiac that features on the front of the Chai Cancer Care New Year Card.  (It includes four alephs)  This will be a larger size than the card.  You will be able to buy ordinary prints or signed limited edition prints which would make an original birthday gift. 

If you are interested email us  here


The letter Aleph signifies one-ness.  The spiritual and infinite one-ness and connectedness of everything in our universe. 

This website is about the letter Aleph. It is mostly the work of the artist Goldie Grahame. If you like the letter aleph, this will be (when it's complete) the site for you.  You can see a list of some of the Alephs that will be appearing on this site eventually.

Did you know that as well as being the first letter of the hebrew alphabet, aleph is also a mathematical symbol, a work of fiction, the name of a hotel in Rome, a library network, an experiment at Cern,

Aleph is The first letter of the hebrew alphabet and the number 'one'. Hebrew is written from right to left.   This letter originates from the phoenician alphabet, where the 'English' alphabet also gets its letter 'A'.   Originally as a pictogram this letter looked like an ox head, similar to an english capital A turned almost full circle.


From The Golem by Isaac Bashevis Singer

Then the rabbi said, "Golem, you have not been completely formed, but I am about to finish you now...You will do as I will tell you."  Saying these words, Rabbi Leib finished engraving the letter Aleph. Immediately the golem began to rise."



  love and thanks to yoz, dan and richard,


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